Women in the Workforce!

                Even in today’s times we can’t deny that women in the workplace get discriminated against. I have seen it many times in various places I have worked. The most recent being in a after school program that I worked at. Even though our site coordinator knew what she was doing and done her job very well, the higher up men were always hounding her on different things. I think a lot of times they hounded her just to be total jerks really. I feel like women also don’t receive the same pay as men in some workplaces. Other male site coordinators were making considerably more and had less experience. I feel that out right refusal of jobs just based on your gender happens more frequently than we think. It makes me wonder why they even but the non-discriminatory phrase on each application. It seems like a waste of time and is mainly a lie. Because it is illegal to discriminate I believe different firms and businesses find ways around this to get there point across.  I feel there needs to be a change within the work systems of todays. Men and women should be paid on the same pay scale and also get the chance to have the same type of jobs. Most think that women can’t do as much as men and that is very UN true. I’ve seen plenty of women that can work on cars and fix anything you put in front of them.  After noticing the difference that the lady I worked with got as far as treatment I feel both men and women should get the same treatment in the workplace.  I’ve heard some say that men now seem inferior to women in the workplace but I find this hard to believe after seeing it personally so many times.  Statistics say that women earn a little over 15% less a week than men earn and I see that as a probably. Men are not that much inferior over women so much that they make that percentage of money over them. There needs to be an immediate change in the workforce. I’m not exactly sure what the answer his but there has to be one out there. If people would just be a little more considerate I think that would be a good start.



Blake Hopson WMST 005


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