Gender Dynamics

I used to always think the workforce was fair towards everyone until I took Women Studies. After taking this class I started realizing just how unfair the workforce can be towards women, especially in the place I work. I work at a Golf and Country Club in North Carolina. Just in case nobody knows what a Golf and Country Club is, it is a place where old rich people live during the summer or sometimes all year round. It’s a private country club and extremely fancy. There are a couple job titles one could obtain while working at the country club. They had Valet’s and bag boys outside of the club. The bag boys unloaded the golf bags from the members and load them onto the golf carts. The valet’s and bag boys were only guys. They did not have any girls working these positions. Inside the country club was where the members went to enjoy lunch during the day and dinner at night. During the lunch and dinner shifts, there were bussers, food runners and servers. At most restaurants bussers are known as buss boys, but not at this country club. When I first started working there, I was a busser. Luckily, about two weeks into it I got moved to a server. The food runners were for the most part, boys. They maybe would have a girl run the food if they were short a food runner. The servers could be anyone. While working here, it irritated me knowing they couldn’t have female “baggers” or valets but they could have female bussers and food runners. I just did not think it was fair that they would have the girls lifting the extremely heavy trays inside the building but couldn’t have them loading golf bags or parking cars. I mean, I’m all about equality. I didn’t mind having to buss and carry the trays, but I wouldn’t have mind getting to park cars or load golf bags either. Working at a place like this just really opens your eyes about how unfair and uneven things can be in a work place. 


Nicole Greene 007


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