Women in the Entertainment Industry

What woman came to mind first? Carrie Underwood? Jennifer Lawrence? Beyonce? I guarantee whatever woman came to mind first is probably considered a beautiful woman by most of society. 

How about some men in the entertainment industry? Of course us women tend to first think of the most attractive ones like Usher or George Cloony. But think a little harder for a moment. When comparing the men and women in this industry, there are very few unattractive females and numerous less attractive males. 

For example, Gary Levox of Rascal Flatts clearly made it successfully in the country music industry solely based on his voice and amazing musical talents. But consider a female like Carrie Underwood or Miranda Lambert. While they are both good performers, they are also very easy on the eyes.

The same goes for many actors. While I can think of many attractive male actors, I can also think of many not so gorgeous ones. I have a harder time doing that when considering actresses.

I’ll just venture into unmarked territory for a moment and talk about a different branch of the entertainment industry; pornography. No one can deny ever watching porn so don’t throw stones, haha. But it is very rare to see “big” or unattractive women in the porn industry.. unless, of course, you’re searching specifically for these things. However, I’m sure a lot of you know who Ron Jeremy is. He is withouth doubt the ugliest and most disgusting porn star I have ever seen. But what kind of women are in his film? Attractive women. Although unrealistic, it happens. Even in regular movies, it’s often the average guy getting the hot girl.

So before this turn into a rant, any thoughts on why this occurs? Is it just a coincidence or do looks and sex pay better than talent? Food for thought.


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