The Double Standard My Ass!

Of course everyone has heard of the double standard where it’s acceptable for a man to sleep with whomever he pleases. Usually, the more the merrier. However, with women having the opposite expectation, I purposely choose to do the opposite. Call me what you want, but dammit I’m going to get mine! Let’s start with how men sleep with so many women and are called “sex gods”. Please! Majority of time women end up with so many sex partners because their previous sex partner sucked and didn’t know what he as doing. Yes, that was my situation. My father is one of those “man-whores”. After he and my step-mother divorced, he went on a female binge that included women only two years old then me at the time when i was 18. He would bring home women and ask my opinion of them. No matter what I would say, he would sleep with them later that night. It was a different woman every night, and he would rotate them. Now, if i were to do this only heaven knows what kind of names I would be called. I think it’s complete bullsh*t that men can get away with this. I asked him one year how he thinks I feel that I see him with all these women and how he constantly uses them. What would he do if a man did that to me? He responded with, “You aren’t dumb like these women are”.

Story of my life…



Ashley Craft

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