Love Your Confident Self

The way a woman’s mind works is rather harsh. We scroll on Pinterest and envy what all the different hairstyles; we watch a Victoria’s Secret commercial and decide it is time to work out. We begin to damage our self esteem by comparing and desiring what we see in the magazines and fashion shows. However, after reading Courtney E. Martin’s Love Your Fat Self, I was appalled that an individual could honestly criticize someone else on simply their looks. To think that a man called a woman a “fat bitch” for no reason, actually even if he did have a reason, is completely ridiculous. That made me reevaluate why women are so critical about their bodies. Maybe it is not all us; society has somewhat of a role that plays into our self esteem. This is not a blog to criticize human beings for having opinions and/or stating them out loud for no deliberate purpose. It is more for women to not pay any attention to what the external world has to say. Easier said than done, I know.


This is why I think confidence is so important. This is why I think confidence can be more beautiful than any face in a magazine or model on a runway. Everyone has heard the saying “beauty is only skin deep”, and that is absolutely correct. So what is underneath the beauty? A loving heart is always important. A kind soul is always a plus. However, it is confidence that will go that extra mile. That is why I think you should Love Your Confident Self.


That is why I found Courtney Martin’s piece so magnificent. When you learn to accept yourself in every way there is, your appearance and the flaws that come with it, you can finally gain confidence. Because you know there is more to you than being a “fat bitch”. “Sometimes I sit on a subway car and look at every woman purposefully and lovingly—- as if she were my mother or my best friend. It is breathtaking how beautiful they are when I see like this.” That is why I find it important to have your own confidence; you then can pass it onto others. When you look past your own appearance, you are able to looks past others. Then you will be able to find a person. You see an individual with a personality of their own, and how could you not look at that with confidence?


So spread the confidence around. Learn to have some of you own and then it will pass onto others.


This is a blog that goes more into detail about how to accept yourself!



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