Heterosexism: the Social Norm????

the mere thought of hetero-sexism baffles me. I think back on the influences of society and the social conditioning of people at an early age, every television show and book endorsing the concept of ‘happily ever after’ as a means to condition children into accepting and practicing the norms set by our hetero-sexist society. Families are conditioned to stress the importance of heterosexuality to their children, and how social expectancy entails them to practice gender norms. With the help of the media, homosexuality appears to be nothing more than a choice to children who are conditioned to believe so. As much as I love Disney, I would love to see a princess movie that does not end in the finding of her ‘one true love’ (who just so happens to be a man…shocker!). With the help of network show such as Glee and The Modern Family, I do believe that heterosexist ideals are being challenged, it’s just unfortunate that these are matters we are dealing with in the 21st century. I don’t want to grow up and have to ‘explain’ homosexuality to my child, because there is no reason I should have to justify love. I’m hoping for a day when I can turn on a fun cartoon and see a cute, same-sex couple without society deeming it inappropriate and socially unacceptable.

Submitted by: Erica Collins


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