So, the second shift.


Women have been expected to take care of the house, be caretakers of the children and have dinner on the table for their husband when he gets home from work. (And also to not be angry when hubby doesn’t want to help with the dishes or any of the other chores around the house because he’s had a long day at the office.) This has been a phenomenon since, well since as long as I can remember. (Which isn’t very long considering I’m only 19, but my grandmother has stories and also I Love Lucy and basically al of TV Land.)

But back in “the good ole days,” women weren’t really supposed to have jobs. So this was a little more okay, because taking care of the house and children was their job.

Now women are expected to take on a full-time job, then come home and take care of the children and home. This is quite a bit difficult.

Go to work, give your all for work, come home, give your all to your family, clean the house, take care of your husband, go to bed, wake up, do it again. 

So let’s just think.. That’s basically like having two full-time jobs.

And I know if I were to be part of this second shift phenomenon, I would want some help. Because that’s a lot for one person to be expected to do on their own. Especially to do it well.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some men out there that are stepping up and lending a helping hand. My father is one of them! And to those men, I applaud you. Grab a friend and teach him your ways.

So let’s get at it, ladies and gentlemen. 

Katie Reed–007

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