Self Esteem by Andrea Coffer 2010-005

In today’s society, everyone is worried about how they will be viewed by others. No one wants to be out cast as a “freak” but also no one wants to be forgotten with “nerds”. Media and television tells youngsters to dare to be different and think outside the box, but when normal citizens do, they sometimes get bashed by classmates or co workers for being different. This can hinder one’s personal self esteem when it comes to their own happiness and what they want to do. In media, you always see models and actors showing high self esteem, but how can we normal citizens exhibit these same attitudes in our everyday lives? On the internet their are several self esteem tests for women to take and ways for us to build on it. but in everyday life, how much do women build on their self esteem without being torn down by others?Image it is hard for teens and young adults to be open with their own personal thoughts and opinions if they do not coincide with societies ideas. Bullying is one of the main factors in teens with low self esteem. When will it stop being about society and be about YOU!

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