Second Shift

This second shift we talk about it definitely real! Moms all around the world work two job and get no credit if for it what so ever. Even if two spouses are bringing in a check and the women makes a little less they are frown upon for not bringing in enough bacon but they do most of the second shift that should be paid the most. Cleaning up around the house, taking care of the kids, taking care of the family pet, paying bill, helping the kids with homework, teaching the kids how to cook, teaching the kids how to swim, and many more are things women accomplish on the second shift and get no recognition of.

In my house hold my mother and father were both working bringing in good money and for a change from the norm, my mother was bringing in more bacon than my father. At the time they only had one child and my mother got to experience what it was like having someone else raise her child other that his actually parents. So she stopped working and took up the second shift as a full time job by time I was born to do the most important job there is out there as raising your children.

The second shift is so underrated in my opinion. I know I am one child that can say that if my mother did not make that second shift an all the time shift my brother and I probably would not have been as successful as we have been so far. It makes a difference if you have a parent there encouraging you all the time and showing you what right looks like. This idea that women are not doing anything is just oppressing them even more as woman are already seen as beneath men regardless if they are better than them or not. This also relates to another blog I read about how women are view in the media. The second shift is technically the way it was shown in the old day and now that women are stepping outside of the box and getting real jobs and careers the male ego does not know how to handle it. Now a day they see women as sex objects as they are still be oppressed but those same sex objects that do any job to make some money often, almost always do it for a child then come home and still pull the second shift.

To end this view as the second shift being oppressing to women let’s try to start to allow men to run the second shift and see how they like it or able to manage. I am not saying there are not men out there that do not already do this but they are slim to none. Until individuals put themselves in these hardworking women’s shoes they should never be able to say anything about stay at home moms or a mom that pull the second shift does nothing and does not get the respect she deserves. 


Delchrisha Young -002 

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