Religion Vs. Spiritual




Many people religious background comes from what their parents instill in them but once they reach a certain age is where they find their true calling as to what they think and feel is right. Realistically most people just conform into whatever is most common to them. I was raised in a Christian based home as a child. Due to the way I was raised it shaped my morals and views on life. It was basically my rule book on life. Every decision I made was closely related to my religion. So I know without a shout of a doubt I was religious but I never gave spiritually any mind. Until recently, my class had a reading assignment about religion and spirituality. After reading that section I began to better understand me and the difference of the two. Religion is organized; it’s more of a physical thing. Like something imaginable as far as seeing or feeling. Religion is instituted by man. In a religion there are many gods, although they are serving the same purpose. Just like there are many beliefs in religion. Where a spiritual person does not have an organized way about being spiritual, it is all within yourself. It’s more of being spiritual than something being physical.

Although, religion and spiritually have its differences. Religion should be accompanied with spiritually although sometimes it does not go that way. Most people think you either one or the other. It is possible to be religious and spiritual most people are but then again you could be spiritual without religion. The reason being is because religion is very much forced in many situations. A lot of people can’t live freely in the world because they feel if they do it would conflict with their religion. Just because of the demands religion has on a person’s life. Unlike spiritually, it is a chosen practice so it designed the way you want to.

Both parties believe in God. It’s just how it’s practiced. Spiritual people believe that once you find yourself and at peace with that then you have essentially found God. In my opinion as long as you have some type of relationship with God. And you confused him as your Lord and Savior then does not matter if it’s free willed or organized. I feel that religious people are giving this issue too much thought. This is the reason why spiritual people believe that religious people over exaggerate their profession to God. Because religious people hold such a heavy weight on things that are predestinate to happen. I can say that after discussing this topic I have came to grips that I am religious and spiritual, because I know that I will in some form fall short of the things that my religion requires just because it unrealistic to live without making mistakes. But I will find peace with myself because through those times and be become closer to God. I know and understand that, there is where my hope and faith is. 


-Kayla Odom 2010- 002

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