Popping the “V” word


Above is quotes from famous people talking about virginity’s. When I was growing up, in my single parent household, my father did not talk about sex at ALL! I knew nothing about it and the most he would tell me is “You better not do it” or “that’s for adults”. By the time I got in middle school, kids were talking about it but saying they never done it. I had no comments to add in on it because I knew nothing about it. There was maybe one or two girls who were known to be “un-virgined” and they were frowned upon and taunted everyday by the boys at school. It seemed to be positive to guys and negative to other girls when we found out they were having sex. Guys gave them more attention and girls rolled their eyes. Sex in middle school was like cursing in church. No one wanted to be known for doing anything sexual and it was hardly ever talked about without silent giggles among us.


When high school rolled around it seemed like their was tripled the amount of sexual contacts going on. Everyday in the hallways I would hear the V word here and there and there and there. 

“Hey did you hear Kate gave Tim her V card?”

“Oh no, Sam lied to Justin about being a virgin!”

“Have you lost you V card?”

Everyone wonders if you have had sex or not and if you have, they want all the details, but if you haven’t they treat you like your missing out on “a wonderful world v-less”. I was okay with not having sex. losing your virginity brought upon too much attention from other students that I really did not want. I was afraid of what they would say, and what my father would do. The actual lost of my “V card”, I didn’t have a grasp on.

I always missed the description of what sex was like, I only heard things like

“it hurt at first then got better”

“he had no idea what he was doing”

“it was awesome”

I had no real details, and I still did not understand the whole sex thing until I was peer pressured into having sex with my boyfriend.

By my junior year in high school I had been dating this guy for almost two years, (with of course no sex) and all my friends had been lost their ‘v cards’. (yea I should of had better friends) but one time I was double dating and my girl friend asked me how sex was going with him… I gave her a puzzled look and she told me that if I wanted to be in love forever then I needed to give him my ‘v card’. I told her that was stupid but she went on an on to me about how great it is for her and her boyfriend and how it made them closer. This intrigued my young mind and I made a big mistake believing her.

Popping my “V” was the most painful and boring (yea, I know, how is that possible?) experience ever. To make it worse, we broke up my senior year after I found out he was cheating with a cheerleader!

Moral of the story: admire your innocence and do not give into peer pressure because of jokes on your inexperience.


-Andrea Coffer WMST 2010-005

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