Media and its lovely positive reinforcement of our body and self image!

We are constantly surrounded by media and what does this media do? It tells us were not good enough. Men and women, more women per se, are always being judged, looked down upon and told they’re not good enough because of how they look. Take Labiaplasty and penis pumps for example.
When women see images of vaginas in the media, the vaginas are often perfect looking: not too big and not too round and not too bulbous. In reality the likelihood of someone having a ‘perfect’ vagina is slim to none. Same with penises. Men are always looked down upon if the don’t ‘measure up’. This makes those who are different feel alienated and wrong.
The media we consume everyday survives off of this concept of perfection. We are time after time shown these images of men and women that are super skinny, have perfect skin, are muscular and are good looking and then were told that this is how we should look. This is ridiculous! Everyone is made differently and we should cherish the fact that we are made differently.
These images begin to brain wash us into believing that we are not normal if we don’t look like these ‘perfect’ beings. Most of the time the people who are worshipped by the media and who are on the cover of all the magazines, posters and billboards are wearing airbrushed makeup and are edited through the computer.
This perfect being does not exist!!!!!!!
The way women and men are portrayed in the media is also another misrepresentation of real men and women. From pornography to jersey shore, which some may say there isn’t a big difference, we see how both men and women alike are misrepresented. Our need to be like someone else physically is purely from media.
T.V. and the internet are always telling us we’re not normal if we don’t look like these images of perfection created by T.V. and Internet their selves. When we are fed this propaganda over and over we begin to rely on it and it corrupts our self image to the point where we begin to ask ourselves….. So, am I good enough?
Judah Irvin 2010-002  

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