Beautiful women


When you hear the word ‘beautiful’ what do you think of? Size double zero, long luxurious hair, tall, thin. Society has always valued beauty; in today’s world society is OBSESSED with beauty or rather how women need to view beauty. The medias impact on body image is HUGE, especially in the eyes of teenage girls. Teenage years are usually known as the years that girls feels most insecure about the way their body looks in the mirror. At the time, everyone looking at them seems to judge them for being a certain way.

During this time the typical teenage girl is extra self conscious and has a distorted body image due to the media’s imitation of the “Perfect Body.” The Perfect Body, you know like the ones you see on the cover of magazines. But at the same time they are taught that skinny equals anorexic and fat equals obese. According to a blog online, “The media negatively influences society because of its portrayal of extremely thin and beautiful woman as the norm, causing females to feel dissatisfied with their bodies, potentially leading to eating disorders. 


This is what today’s society is coming to: Women, teenagers, young girls doing whatever they need to do, taking EXTREME measures to be “beautiful”, beauty that is MADEUP by the media. This needs to be stopped; the direction of media needs to be changed, because the way its heading is getting us nowhere.

As women we need to embrace our imperfections, because our imperfections aren’t imperfections at all! We are all beautiful in our own different ways; we need to stop being ashamed or embarrassed of our differences.

Imperfection is beautiful - article on

Katie Dransfield -007

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