“Am I pretty?”

“OMG she is gorgeous! Why can’t I look like that?”

“I’m so fat. I’m disgusting.”

“Why do they bother lying to me? I know I’m ugly…”

          These thoughts run through most girls’ and women’s minds constantly. Why are we so insecure? Why can’t we love our bodies, or respect people who claim they do love their bodies? Why is it so hard to accept a compliment, and to believe that person isn’t lying?

          Society has structured women to seek out their flaws. Instead of embracing our flaws and thinking of them as something that makes us an individual, we highlight them and think everyone is judging us for them. We refuse to believe we are perfect the way we are. Not only is this mindset self-destructive, it is superficial. We only focus on our bodies, not on the value of our minds and souls. Beauty consists of more than having specific body traits. But we tend to allow society to convince us otherwise. We focus more on enhancing our bodies than on enriching our minds. As we saw when we watched Miss Conception in class, a woman’s opinion is not near as relevant as how she looks when she states that opinion. We pay more attention to what a woman is wearing when she gives a speech, than we do to the message she is trying to get across. We allow ourselves to dull and be put aside in educational settings, because we focus on looking our best instead of being our best.

          Take a look at high school (and even middle schools), and you will find many girls putting on makeup and chatting about clothes in class instead of paying attention. When they get home from school, they think about who wore what and hoping they looked pretty, instead of thinking about what they learned. Some girls think that as long as they look pretty, they don’t need to be smart. Their looks will get them where they need to be. And in some cases, that does work. But it does not last. Looks fade, brains do not. But society doesn’t tell them that. Magazines don’t typically have covers that say, “Girls who enjoy knowledge feel more confident.” Or “Guys find your brain to be your sexiest feature.”  Instead they say things like, “Woman on new diet finds she has more self-confidence.” or “Guys can’t resist this makeup trick!” Magazines utilize insecurities to sell. And we keep falling for it.


          Take this magazine cover for example. Seventeen Magazine sells to young girls all around the world. This is the standard every girl should hold herself to. Just looking at the cover, you see some connections being made. To “Look Cute and Confident” you have to use the hair and makeup ideas. The tips make you “instantly prettier!” This infers you weren’t very pretty to begin with. They give you tips to improve the sexy parts of your body: your legs, butt, and stomach area. There are no apparent tips to boost your confidence that do not involve how you look. This reinforces the idea that your body is the truly important part of you, and that it definitely needs some work. 

Casey Kendall 002

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