Women in the Media

I have had a problem with the way women are perceived in the media for many years now. Growing up, I always wanted to look like the beautiful women on TV. Perfect hair, teeth, body and outfits are the idea of beautiful. To me, not only is it a harmful outlook for women of every age to have, it is especially harmful to young girls. Little girls see on TV at a young age what the idea of perfection is. If they don’t match up to that perception, then they try harder and do not enjoy being their self. Little girls need to know that big hair, big boobs, big butt, perfect teeth and the most fashionable clothes, is not what makes them beautiful. What makes them beautiful is what’s on the inside ( that’s not just a thing ugly people say either ). Beauty is so much more than physical features. It is about time the media portrayed that instead of a fabrication of the ideal women.

Rachel Broyles section 005

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