The Lack of Color Privilege

Peggy McIntosh’s White Privilege and Male Privilege admits what I am most afraid to admit: I forget my privilege. I forget that my white privilege “puts me at in advantage,” because “whites are carefully taught to not recognize [it].” Too often do I cling to the phrase “there is no hierarchy in oppression,” and I forget that my white skin gives me “an invisible package of unearned assets.” I am so accustomed to it that I do not even realize when I am receiving my birth given privilege. I can not speak for any other experience other than my own, but I cannot help but wonder how many times a day I am given special treatment simply because my pigment is lacking color.

I tend to subconsciously  demonize the “White Man” from time to time not realizing that we hold a common advantage, ignoring that we receive the some of the same privileges because we both lack color. However, men are unwilling to admit that they are over privileged, according to McIntosh, although they may admit that women are disadvantaged, but it certainly is not their fault and they are not getting any special treatment. McIntosh claims that most men will not ever admit to their privilege. Which is to be expected since whites are never told about this wonderful birth right we just grow up with it and demand it.

The following video is from the Brave New Voices finals this year. It shows how oblivious white men are to their privilege. It basically lists all of the reasons why Mr. Anonymous, who writing to complain about the lack of whites only clubs, already has everything minorities and women picket for and fight Congress about. It boldly brings to light all of things no white person would dare speak about in polite company or at all.

In the reply, the poets apologize to Mr. Anonymous, not only to be sarcastic, but because the white person expects an apology and for something to be done. He must “feel so left out” they reply showing him that having a white club will not make him equal with the minorities since they were never equal to start. A white male is already at the top, he does not need a supportive club or help to climb out of the oppressive system and into opportunity, because not only is he already there, but he makes sure that he is treated as a king.

Mr. Anonymous does not seem to understand that the “Women’s center” is so vital to the campus that any reduction of it would leave people nowhere to turn in light of sexual violence. No one who is qualified and understands sexual violence would be available. The kinds of violence that is committed by the white males, but he still thinks it is not fair that he does not have a club. Blacks committing crimes does not classify it as “gang violence,” and Latinos are not illegal, but he still wants a club.

I struggle to realize and recognize that I will always have white privilege, but how many “Mr. Anonymous” people are out there?
Tori Neal-007

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