Being a Female in Today’s Society Can Suck

“Being a female can suck. There are times when it can be great, but in today’s society that is not the message being sent.” (Rachel Sacks)

Women in today’s society are still being treated below men. We are looked at as mainly a sex symbol and something for a man to look at and think nasty thoughts. Sadly, sometimes we as women take advantage of that, and when we let them do that, they will never take us seriously. We can not use our bodies to get where we want to be. 

Women are put under immense pressure to live up to impossible standards and expectation,  Many of times you will hear a women say, “I hate being a women!” Though, necessarily women say that not because they hate being a women in this society against themselves. Women say this because they hate getting ready, putting on make-up, having to wear certain clothing, and having a period. When women keep saying that they hate being a women, it is putting a negative vibe towards us. Being a women in today’s society can really suck.

Lyndsay Mauro 005



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