In today’s world, women are expected to be irrevocably perfect.  We are expected to attain this unreachable goal that society has set for us.  But who died and made society the king of beauty anyway?  When did being a size zero make you beautiful?  Why can’t we just happy in our own skin?  And what the heck happened to “beauty is on the inside”?

In 1955, a woman’s perfect body was a voluptuous, full figured one.  Now, there’s the dreaded thigh gap.  There are dieting fads upon dieting fads, media influences telling us not to be “fat” and what to do and not to do to keep us from it, upon many many other things.

Image Image

Above is a picture of the perfect body in 1955 compared to today’s.  Needless to say, perfection has changed over the years.

But I think we should rise up and stop letting these influences make such an impact on our lives.  Stop judging others on their size, because that’s just it–it’s THEIR size.  Stop looking in the mirror with critiques of yourself, but rather start seeing how truly beautiful you are no matter what figure you may be. 

Katie Reed-007

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