Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination is a common thing in our society. One of the major places that it can be found is in the workplace. In my 18 years of life, I have only had one job and it lasted for about a week and a half. This does not mean that I haven’t experienced “work-like” places and the gender dynamics of the workplace. The most common place that one has their first experience of work is in the home, doing household chores and other unpleasant boring tasks. Like many others, this was my first experience of it. My mother started me and my sister at a young age doing chores such as, cleaning the kitchen and cleaning the cat litter and cleaning our rooms. I had to start doing my own laundry at a very early age. My mother said it was teaching me responsibility. While I understood where she was coming from with this, I was wondering why I had to do my own laundry but she was doing my Dad’s laundry.  Did he not have to be responsible for his own dirty clothes? After noticing this, I also began to notice that he did not have to clean any of the other things we were cleaning. As mentioned in “The Politics of Housework” written by Pat Mainardi, the women of the house were left with all of the undesirable dirty house work because the men were “too tired” from all of their hard work at their “real” jobs. I find it annoying that just because I am a girl I am automatically responsible for the house work, whether I want to take part in it or not. Men and women should have equal roles when it comes to the duties that are required of home owners. This provides a more supportive and balanced environment in the home. Young children should not be raised, as I was, to believe that they are either set free for life from the restricting restraints of house work or bonded to the chains of house work for life because of their gender. For the week and a half that I was working, I did notice that there was gender discrimination. The “pretty” socially acceptable looking young girls worked in the front to impress people and provide an appealing first impression. The men who’s looks would have been seen as not so socially acceptable in our society, were put back in the kitchen for hard dirty labor where the customers could not see them. People don’t realize how much goes into keeping a restaurant running, until they work in one. Gender discrimination was mainly utilized in my work place through appearance. On the early show, they did an interview of Jessica Bennett and her colleague on gender discrimination in the work place. I have posted the link here, enjoy!
–Catherine Dearing 007

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