Women in the Media

In our society today, media is our main source for information. We get our information from news channels, TV shows, and even magazines. Men and women are both and women are both portrayed inaccurately in Media, but women are portrayed and affected more negatively.

In class a few weeks ago we watched a film called Miss Representation and it was until after watching this in class that I began to see what is was talking about for myself. I am amazed at the ways that women are negatively viewed and impacted by different sources of media. Just standing in line waiting at the store you see ten different magazines advertising some type of new weight loss product, or a different product made to help women feel “more confident” with themselves, or it’s some story about a female celebrity and the magazine s talking about  something she did that week. But, in reality all those magazines do is make us feel insecure about ourselves even more, and it makes us base our value and worth solely on our looks rather than what is really important. They make us “common” women feel that if not even very important women are safe from the negative impact of media then how are we supposed to take any woman serious?

The media not only portrays women in a negative light, it causes girls to base their opinions of themselves on impossible measurements. If we aren’t the perfect size, if we don’t have a certain hair style hair, or live a certain type of lifestyle then we aren’t important or we feel devalued. Rather than shinning the light on what is really important in life like family, friends, and an education, it makes looks seem like they are the sole importance. It also sets impossible standards that men look for in women. For example, the Victoria Secret Models, yes they are just models but they do set standards (I believe negatively) for some men, women, and young girls. If a man tries to look for those qualities in a woman, he’s going to have a hard time finding one and may miss out on a really great woman. If a woman or young girl tries to look like them and doesn’t then she is going to see herself in a negative way, rather than being confident in who she is. Another example are beauty products, when they are shown in the media, they are displayed or advertised by the “perfect” woman. So, therefore, when and average girl like me would try the product on, whether its make-up or clothing, the product wouldn’t look quite like it did on the model wearing it and would make me feel less confident in myself.

Overall the media impacts all of our lives in some way, shape, or form, but the ways in which we are influenced by the media all depends on us and how much we let it affect our opinions of one another.


Katelyn Stewart—002

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