Hail Mary, Full of Grace

        Mother Mary is viewed across the world as someone who could potentially be looked as somewhat of a deity to some.  It was shocking to see some of the other Mary pictures last week in class. I feel that a lot of the concerns our class had was if the Mary portrayed was “holy” enough in some of the pictures. Let’s face it this world is becoming more secular each day and people’s minds are shifting from the very conservative to somewhat more liberal. I think what boggled a lot of minds including mine, was that Mary was no different than anyone else besides be a virgin that some may not be. She truly is a fully human being who was not perfect. Some of the early pictures of Mary portray her to be that of a goddess. She looks like a pure, sinless woman who adores children. Most of the early pictures portrayed her with fair skin due to the fight with the Muslims the Christians were having. The early Christians did not want their Holy Mary portrayed as one of those whom they were fighting with.  Some stated in class that the original Mary pictures were much to clean cut because of the realization that the bible states that all where sinners but the one who was Jesus Christ. So why was this lady portrayed in higher standards to anyone else in the world. She was a sinner just like the others. When the other
Virgin Mary picture was portrayed that Alma Lopez created some of the class thought of it as a joke to hit on the Mary and make fun of her. So where is the happy medium? I think in today’s times with the way the world is it is good to have different interpretations on the Virgin Mary that relates to not only different cultures and religions but also people in different stages of their lives.  There are many concerns that revolve around the Virgin Mary and I think one that portrays a caring, loving woman would be a better fit for her portrayal. I think that would meet the standards of a lot of different people. Most would assume or agree that Mary was a loving, caring and affectionate person. Maybe not one who dresses like a nun all the time and is portrayed as pure, because she wasn’t and it is stated in many different churches that she did not remain a virgin. Mary in a flower bikini might also not fit the correct Mary because even though the world is changing dramatically some may not see Mary as some sort of bodily figure looking like she is trying to seduce people.  The world needs a Mary that shows her human characteristics, but also shows her as one who shows her impact on Christianity.




Blake Hopson WMST Section 005

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