Religion is one of the most controversial subjects in the world. It has been this way forever, literally. There are so many religions and belief systems in practice today that it is hard to even understand them all. The issue is the symbolic meaning behind them all. I was shocked this week in class to see the different versions of Mary. One of the biggest arguments that came about was what would it do to society if the Mary people worshiped as a symbol of there faith was a more modern version that allowed people to see her as less strict and more open to change. Most people look at the original marry and think of her to be sin free, perfect, and she is covered from head to toe creating the ideal of what a woman should be when rooted in her faith. The thing about it is it is only aimed towards women. What about men? It was interesting to see how the original version differed from the last version where that Mary was less dressed and wasn’t as perfect as the original version. I think with this being said the ideal version that would be not only more appealing but more realistic is when we have a marry that meets in the middle and by that I mean a Mary that is not too under dressed but also not too over dressed. It would also be nice to see that there can be a few imperfections when you look at it. It would have different affects on different people and age groups but I think it would result in more positive reactions than negative ones.

Caylie Grasty Section 005

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