Women and the Double-Edged Double Standard


It is no secret that the oppression of women
comes in many forms.  From stereotypes of
their “inferior” to the lack of equal representation and institutional
treatment, there seem to be an abundant amount of forces that in the way for
the equality of women, but I would like to focus on a more tangible force. I
speak to you today to address the assertion of physical violence against women.
As with the other ways societies hinder the rise of egalitarianism, physical
violence and the threat of it is a fairly effective deterrent for those who
seek the betterment of women. In this society, men tend to be socialized to be
“aggressive” in their pursuits. Though very few men become or possess this
socialized aggressiveness in proportion to the whole, there are “some” in which
display some of such negative qualities. Women on the other hand in this
society are somewhat socialized to be submissive to the pursuits of men. This
is turn leads to some conflict. The common location of such conflict is in the
household in the form of domestic abuse. The reason why this is so is because
of the ever-changing role of women in the household. Women as a whole are more
driven to do their own thing nowadays than being bound by restrictions of being
submissive to the husband. An example of this can be seen in Will you please
take 10 minutes to talk to me
by Penny Freeman and Miriam Kalman Harris, an
interview concerning a husband turned abusive due to the wife not following his
commands. Such a scenario is a common reason for why violence is initiated
against women in the domestic setting. Women are under the threat of physical
harm if they don’t obey men. To note something else from this reading, the
victim of the abuse felt that such a situation was normal till it got out of
hand.  This is an example of a result of
the social molding that women are subjected to. Make no mistake though, such
problems are present in all levels of professions and society. But, how are
women in such situations able to break away from such a cycle of patriarchal
hierarchy? Are they to go it alone under the threat of physical harm, or should
they just wait and bide their time for equality to gradually absorb into the
society? In such a case, I say fight on. Do not let fear drag you down. Men are
encouraged to be aggressive in their pursuits, so I urge women to do the same.
Not aggressive physically, but in spirit toward their pursuits.

Logan Young 2010-002

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