It’s usually women and younger groups of people who are the ones getting sexually or physical abuse, in this blog I’m going focus on sexually abuse. Surviving in Numbers is a blog that I found interesting and want to share. In this blog there are so many people in different age groups and gender that are being sexually abuse. The common thing that I see is that even if they tell someone about it, no action is being done to help them. Why is it so hard to find people to help them and to believe them? I think to the point where someone comes up to you and tells you that they’re being sexually abuse, it’s time to listen and do something. I often-here people ask, “Why don’t the victim fight back?” Well, it’s probably because most people don’t know how to react to it, just it like Debra Ann Davis when a stranger entered her home and raped her. For the most part, I disagree about her statement of being raised to be kind to people, causing her not wanting to be rude to the intruder, and leading to her rape. I think it’s more of her not knowing what to do because she didn’t expect an intruder, so of course she wouldn’t know what to do and would feel afraid to make a violent move because if she did there are some possibility that to intruder can hurt her or even kill her. Most of us are all raised upon being kind and polite to strangers, but when it comes to situations like this it’s difficult to decide what actions you want to take especially if it’s your first encounter.

Lastly, I want to talk about an article about an Indian woman who was raped when she in her teens back in 1972. She was raped by two police officers that threatened her that if she made any noise, she would be sent to prison. She reported her case and took it to the highest court in India but they didn’t believe that she was telling the truth. The court didn’t believe her because she was silent during the attack and there were no bruises found anywhere on her body. The court dismissed the two policemen with no penalty and left the woman with the horrible memories. With no back up or justification how do women in any country suppose to treat these types of situations? Why would anyone want lie that they were raped? 

A lot of victims walk around this world carrying a heavy burden of silence with them because they’re scared to even speak about it, no one believes them or actions to help them aren’t being done so everything goes back into silence… until the situation gets really bad like after someone dies from being attacked, then people starts feeling the pain that they should’ve done something. It’s just like a quote from The Band Perry’s song “funny when you’re dead people start listening.” It’s important to know when to be rude to people if things are out of the ordinary and especially when your conscience is telling you to do so. Start listening and trust the ones who have to build up a lot of courage to tell you that they’re being sexually abuse, even if they’re not bruised up. 

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