Miss Representation

Media has a very powerful influence on society especially women. In the Miss Representation documentary they stress how media sets the standards for how women should look like. Advertisements play a big in this because they create “perfect” looking images of women after it has been Photoshop to target a specific person to make them feel insecure about how they look like. By doing that it will persuade audiences like us to want to but their product that they’re selling to make us look as pretty as the model that they have on display. According to a YouTube clip attached to this blog, it states that the average “attractiveness messages” are seen over 5,260 per year. The more media expresses how women should look like, the chancing of women buying that idea increases. All that will cause women as teens to never be satisfied about their looks because the ideal look changes every time. Why does it change? Because it is all part of the marketing idea, for a company to make money they have to constantly change their perception of style and beauty everyday. Media support these marketing advertisements because according to the documentary, M. Gigi Durham mentioned that because it is media earns their revenue from advertisements so they have to support whatever is being advertised. This is why we don’t see the message about “being who you are is really what true beauty is” because no one is paying the media to do that. No one is making products to make you look like you. An important point that a woman made towards the end in the YouTube clip was that the more she didn’t allow media influence her, the easier it was for her to believe that she has a great body image. More women should pay less attention to the media go with whatever style they like to be confident.


When I was a teen models in the magazines never influenced me because I didn’t read magazines. But I watched American Next Top Model and it influenced me to put on make-up and wanting to be skinny to feel pretty. But I didn’t go to the extent where I starve myself because I love food, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to meet that beauty trend. I knew that the girls were Photoshop in their pictures when Tyra Banks was critiquing their photos. It was obvious to me because the lighting and the girls in the photos looked different. They made the girl look skinnier and her make-up looked more dramatic in the photo than it was when they were shooting. Whenever I go shopping I bought clothes I liked, I’m not into fashion so I buy clothes that will make me feel comfortable around other people. Besides America’s Next Top Model I don’t think the media controlled me on how I should look. As long as I felt comfortable with what I wear and how I look , I’m fine.

To sum this blog up, media can set standards for how women should look like because they support whomever that’s paying them. It’s their job to make you feel vulnerable so you’ll buy their products. We as women have the power to control what is right for us. Just like the point I made earlier if we don’t expose ourselves to the media as much then we would feel so much better about ourselves.



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