What would you do?

My neighbor, and a very close friend, told me a story a few days ago and after reading these articles this week, it all came together.  Her father, step mother, and brother had all been living a normal life for many years. Until one day…her father came home and everything was gone. His wife had taken all of her things and they boys. Come to find out, she had left this life she’d been living for years and moved in with another woman. No one knew what to think. The boys were teenagers, 15 and 16. And they struggled very hard with this shocking change. The young boys started to get into intense fights at school until eventually they had to move schools. They were getting in to fights because people were talking very badly about their mother. The mother and her female partner both worked at the school where the boys attended. Their father taught at another school, quite a ways away, and each morning they were taken to this new school.

I think any couple should have the choice to raise a child. Regardless the consequences, someone can’t help how they feel. I see nothing wrong with two men or two women raising a child together. Certain things can be done to prevent less fights and getting in trouble. What would you do if your child’s classmates were “calling you a dyke”?


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