Marriage and Feminism

Often Feminists are associated with the term “anti-marriage.” Sometimes this is absolutely true and sometimes this is not true. Weather all feminists agree on the subject of marriage or not some of the things they usually do agree on is not changing their last name and not following traditional roles in the home. One can identify as a feminist and stand for what feminism believes in while still having a happy marriage. Anne Theriault discusses her beliefs about marriage in her  article “An Anti-Marriage Feminist Gets (Happily) Married.” When she realizes she is a feminist she quickly makes up her mind about marriage. Throughout her life many things persuaded  her to turn against marriage. As she grew older she met someone whom she fell deeply in love with. Still her ideas of marriage stayed the same. Finally when he proposed she said yes. She realized that with the right person she did want marriage. I think this could be true with most anti-marriage feminists.  Just like Lisa Miya-Jervis who is a well known feminist, identifies as being happily married in her “Who Wants to Marry a Feminist” writing. She kept her last name and held onto her feminists beliefs, but she also found someone who accepted her for who she is and did not try to change the one thing that she firmly believed in. I believe that there is someone out there for everyone.

Mikaela Gentry Section-005


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